Dream Catcher by Alanda Kariza

It is not surprised if we heard or even seen how the adults managed to achieve his dream. But it is rare to see a young girl who had started working at young age. The Writers of Dream Catcher is one of them. By setting up an organization (The Cure for Tomorrow) at the age of 14 year, she is worthy of being young Indonesian Delegation to various countries.

This book is opened with an introduction from Monique Coleman (UN Youth Champion) who delivered that she always uses the principles of discipline, hard work, and diligence to do everything, starting from creating dreams to realize and keep his dream. Even, this book, gives the story of one of Zimbabwe people in the early section. She mentioned that, Tererai Trent who was the daughter of his father was forbidden to attend school because women is assigned to be a mother. Until the age of 11th years she was married by her father. However, since childhood she has a strong passion to learn. Since childhood she often did her brother’s tasks. After married, she moved to Oklahoma. There, she continued his dreams. She continued studying to obtain his master’s degree in 2003.

This book not only provides real-life examples of people who were not initially supported by the surrounding circumstances to reach what they want to successfully achieve his dream, but in the most, what made this book different is by reading the pages of this book we are invited to create, explore, carry, keep, care for, and enjoy all the dreams that a human would have. No matter how small the dream.

From this book I get a lot of interesting things. Like these tips to make-our dreams come true.The most I remember until now is Get out of your “no progress” zone where we will definitely be in a zone of uncomfortable and we did not realize that the state of one who will help us to achieve the dream.

As  any other non-fiction books, in the middle of this book, It made me a little bored because it is dominated by the words that are always giving advice and advice. Even though I admit the written words of Alanda. The words are easy to digest. This book was also fulfilled with special spaces for readers to write the draft of dreams, write down the integrated steps, and the columns were designed with very interesting. Well, I think this book is very worth reading, especially for the young people who have / are found his dream.This book will help you.

Dream Catcher

Publisher: GagasMedia

 Pages: 217

Year of Publication: 2012


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